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Town of Rockland

Planning Commission

  • The Planning Commission meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
  • The meetings are held in the Rockland Town Hall at 1712 Bob-Bea-Jan Road, De Pere, Wisconsin.
  • Meeting agendas are posted in at the Rockland Town Hall and on this website.

Meeting dates are subject to change, please check the "official" posting locations listed above.

The Planning Commission reviews rezoning requests, preliminary and final plats, site plans, proposed zoning ordinances, and revisions to existing zoning ordinances, and the Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission is an advisory committee that makes recommendations to the Town Board regarding the requests they receive.

Although a quorum of Town Board members may be present at the meetings, no Town Board action will be taken.

The Town Board appoints members to serve on the Planning Commission. Each Planning Commission member serves a three year appointment and is paid a meeting per diem for their attendance and service.

Planning Commission Contact:

Julie Koenig, Secretary
(920) 336-2814

Your current Planning Commission Members are:

Bob Coenen, Chairman
Term: 04/2015-04/2018
(920) 336-9359
Terry Vertz, Member
Term: 04/2016-04/2019
(920) 336-7678
Lee Anderson, Member
Term: 04/2017-04/2020
(920) 362-6559

Justin Samuels, Member
Term: 01/04/2017-04/01/2019
(920) 737-1113

Glen Schwalbach, Member
Term: 04/2017-04/2020
(920) 532-6330
Vicky Van Vonderen, Member
Term: 04/2016-04/2019
(920) 609-7724
Michael Wier, Member
Term 11/2015-04/2018
(920) 336-7119


The following links provide a step by step process of what to expect if you are requesting a Certified Survey Map, Rezone, Conditional Use, or Subdivision Plat review.

Process: CSM Process for the Town of Rockland
Process: Rezoning and Conditional Use Process for the Town of Rockland
Process: Subdivision Plat Review Process for the Town of Rockland


All requests to have an item reviewed by the Planning Commission requires that the Applicant complete and submit a Planning Commission request form. The request form should be attached to the Applicant’s application and submitted to the Planning Commission Secretary with the appropriate fee. Please see the following links and fee schedule.

Planning Commission Request Form
Conditional Use Application for the Town of Rockland
Rezone Application Form


All reviews conducted by the Planning Commission are charged a fee.
Please see the schedule for the required fee to be paid.

CLICK HERE for agendas and meeting minutes.


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