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Town of Rockland

Lost & Found

If you have lost any of the following items left at the Town Hall, please contact Clerk Koenig at (920) 336-2814.  You will need to describe the item before claiming ownership.


If your dog is lost, please contact Chairman Dennis Cashman (920) 336-7814 to determine whether he has picked it up and is storing it for you.  You also can check with the Town Clerk's office at (920) 336-2814. 

Please call the Bay Area Humane Society (920) 469-3110 to report your dog lost and to check to see if anyone has dropped it off.  Dogs can travel far distances in a short amount of time so you also may want to contact the Brown County Sheriff's Department (920) 448-4201 and the surrounding municipalities.

If your dog is licensed in any of the municipalities in Brown County, and is wearing a tag issued by a municipality, the municipality can identify the dog and the owner by the tag number.  That is why it is very important to license your dog and have them wear the license on their collar.

Many lost dogs also are listed on the following websites:

Found:  Female cat, Torty-gray with golden eyes. Declawed, litter box trained.  Found September 3rd off of Willow Tree Lane.  Possibly pregnant.  Please contact Clerk Koenig if you think she's yours.


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